I was at some conference about IT sector in Poland. There was a great speaker Filip Werstler who said something special. His presentation was about ‘The art of being non-ideal’.

He told us that he has some imperfections. I’ve got it too – so I exactly know about what I’m writing for you right now – at first hand.

If you have ‘something’ you need to work it out. The most important is work, not measuring yourself with achievements. You cannot stop yourself when you win a small challenge.

You need to expose and test yourself. Train and improve your ability.

And then…

For sure, you probably heard encountered incorrect comments. You were working on something for half a year. You tried to reduce your imperfection. Suddenly, someone commented on it (even in joke). Then you go back to the beginning.

You have to explain to others that it is not good to do this.

If you are a person who is perfect do not comment the others. Let them do their own job.

Remember what we say and how we react affects people.