The active rest is the most important part of work.

When I sit in front of the computer too much time I need a break. Then I make something for myself  –  whether it is housekeeping or going out to a store for bread. And every few days I run at evenings or go to the gym.

20-minute distance makes it ideal to stretch the bones.

The hardest part of taking it easy is separation the work and daily routine. Always on holiday work is behind my back. I am still learning how to do this so if you will recommend some interesting articles or have useful tips  – please send them to me.

If you mostly bring your work to home, better try staying at work from the beginning to the end. Of course, I’m not urging you to stop working in a corporation  –  your other half may not stand the fact that you are at home with your body, but not with your spirit.

Working from home or any other type of remote work is not for everyone.

Just think about it: you are laying on the beach in the hot country away from home and you can do the same tasks as you would be doing physically in your firm.

Have work-life-balance. Live better.