Thomas Edison, a great inventor, said: “I never did a day’s work in my life. It was all fun”.

Warren Buffet said something like: „I work only with people I like. It is important that I receive feedback from them what I am doing wrong and what is good. If I had to earn 100 million US dollars but work with people for whom I have an upset stomach, I have refused. It would be similar to a marriage for money, which is probably not a good idea under any circumstances.

I agree with them.

We not only need a great environment to work, but we also need to choose the best people around us to work with.

If they fit us, they will fight with us.

I have a very good team to work and together we are doing a great job.

Sometimes we need to change bad-people and it’s fine. It happens.

Don’t give up looking for the appropriate person.