I am digital and I am not ashamed of it.

I already tested various applications to create to-do lists and unfortunately I always go back to these hand-made. I have them all the time in front of my eyes and do not forget to look at these.

Just all kinds of meetings and far away plans I am writing down in the calendar from Google. I come back to them every night or every morning rewriting in a timely manner on a piece of paper.

Next I am preparing to do the tasks I wrote.

In the mailbox I also have a clean space. I implemented there „zero mail” or „inbox zero”. For me it works. All received emails I group into appropriate folders or simply throw to the archive when it became “done”. Those which I cannot help today or is intended for a longer period of time I throw to the correct folder and sort it by the date.

At the end of the day I have an empty box open for the next person who want my help.

Despite the fact that I use my handwritten notes I always use many applications and services to encompass everything I do. But more about this I will write some other time.