When I ask some of my colleagues, what do you do in your lawyering and they answer „everything” – I need to calm down.

Of course, this kind of people are needed…

…but nowadays in medium and big city you need to choose specialisation if you want something more from business life. A good payment from your law firm and working with a client on cases which you like and thill you.

Do you know, that you need to be an expert?
Do you want extra cash from your law firm every year?
Do you want to be an expert in everything?

You need to be an expert in specific law or sector.

And this is not only for a money, this is also about marketing and spreading a clear message about you.

You need to communicate to your future clients what you exactly do.

If you don’t know, what fits you, you need to figure it out. If you do everything, you do nothing. Home truth.

I choose this path a few years ago. I’m specialist in a small law segment and it’s very profitable.