An interesting thesis but it tells us barely nothing. Is it worth to work at home? Do we have to bring work and issues related with it to our sanctuary of silence? See how I am doing it.

To work successfully with other people, you have to trust each other. A big part of this is trusting people to get their work done wherever they are, without supervision. It is the art of delegation, which has served Virgin and many other companies well over the years.
Richard Branson

Richard Branson wrote that if you work with someone and you want this cooperation to bring you success then you should trust him. Trust is the basis for each work especially that which takes place remotely.

In the growing professions, there are no longer predetermined hours from 9 to 5, as it used to be few years ago. A lawyer cannot afford the typical rigid framework. Possession of permanent office to receive clients is also not needed. There are special offers – like conference rooms rented for an hours – to create an appropriate meeting place “for a moment”. These are public spaces for co-working and often they provide the opportunity to register businesses in their virtual office.

With coffeehouses, it is all the same. You see there the mass of elegantly dressed people – do you think they came there to relax? Most of them are working. They work out of the office because they just have an appointment with a client, or there is some other reason why they do it. Maybe this allows them to focus better on the task because they simply like to work with a specific noise.

Not every person works effectively in a traditional way. There are some who enjoy working on the sofa, in bed or soaking up in the garden. This environment suits them, and I belonged to this group. My office was my home. A large table, a comfortable chair, a shelf on the window, the client on the phone – and the sofa behind my back.

And of course, computer – because still the computer-not-on-the-Windows is the basis of my job. A job as a modern lawyer.

Right now, I work in the normal office from 9 to 5 with my co-workers, and it’s fine. Fine for now.

I lied, I work from 9 am till midnight like every normal lawyer, who wants a success.

Same thing every day.