I was always thinking why part of the lawyers know what marketing is, and the others don’t.

Me and my law firm do the marketing stuff. A lot. We’ve got a few blogs, social media channels and part of my colleagues have their own Instagram profile. I run my social media profiles and many activities in the Internet since I practice law – now it will be for 5 years. I started this when I was studying.

Part of lawyers negate such actions, others accept them and the same huge part cross fingers for developing this kind of operations. Young lawyers, newly on the market, are very active and open – they have ability to accept changeable reality and they adjust their work and form.

You know what. Marketing allows us to reach clients and lead sales in easy way. If somebody saw my blog or different medium, read my article, he or she knows me – so thereby is aware that I have knowledge about specific subject. I don’t need to convince somebody so much that I am able to solve their case with a proper accuracy.

Today, I still have no answer.

Remember, you are the firm.